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Heart Sachet Pillows

This is a very simple project you can do for any gift-giving occasion. As we're doing this in February, we're designating it a Valentine's Day project. With all of our projects, we make something you can adapt. In this instance, we're demonstrating how to make a heart-shaped sachet filled with potpourri, but you could use polyfil, another shape, or any number of decorative notions on your pillow. The finished sachets pictured here are going to be given to my daughter to use in her dorm room at college. She's got just the place for them as you can imagine! Show someone you care with a small token.
Our materials are simple. Potpourri (this was leftover from Christmas), colorful fabrics, lace, ruffle trims, ribbon, a pattern, and the tools of the trade - thread, scissors, pins, etc.
Use a simple heart shape as your pattern. We used the same pattern for all the pieces we cut. You can make more pattern pieces and use one pattern piece per fabric piece if you prefer.

Using two pieces of striped fabric, or having folded over one piece, place the heart-shaped pattern and cut.

Using two pieces of red fabric, or having folded over one piece, place the heart-shaped pattern and cut.

Using two pieces of lace fabric, or having folded over one piece, place the heart-shaped pattern and cut. Since we're going to be using lace on top of fabric for our hearts, we need 2 laces per fabric. Therefore, you'll need to cut 4 lace squares instead of 2.

The cutting will produce 2 of each fabric source and 4 of the lace.

Match one lace piece with one color fabric. You will work on one at a time. Set two aside for later. We're going to add trim next. If you want to add ribbons or any decoration to the hearts, do it now. We chose not to use anything other than the fabrics.

Pin the ruffle to the right side up edge of one heart (lace and fabric sandwich).

Stitch the ruffle completely around the whole heart in about a 1/4" seam.

Place a lace heart on the right side of the heart you have just sewn the ruffle on.

Place a fabric heart right side down on the lace. Your layers should now be fabric right side up, lace right side up, ruffle sewn to the fabric and lace, lace right side down, fabric right side down.

Lift one fabric layer and one lace layer. Add a small loop of ribbon in the V of the heart for hanging. Pin in place, then lay the fabric back down upon it.

Pin completely around the edge of the heart fabric sandwich, leaving about an inch or two open for turning.

Stitch around the heart using the ruffle stitching line as a guide. Be sure and leave space for turning. I mark my opening with a pin and don't sew beyond it. Take some back spaces with your machine to keep the stitching in place

Repeat the process with as many hearts as you're making. Turn the heart right side out.

Prepare your potpourri and bring your turned hearts to the table for filling.

Stuff each pillow with some potpourri or other nice smelling fluff (my mom used to put powder on cotton balls and use them to stuff the sachet and we'd use them in our clothing drawers). We used the smaller bits of some leftover potpourri. Bigger pieces were discarded or you could put them in a dish somewhere in your home.

Slip stitch the opening closed using a coordinating thread. You can leave this loose for removal at another time - you may want to remove the potpourri and replace or refresh it later.

Though simple, these sachets could be very elegant. You can use a small circle shape, a rectangle or square; use silky fabrics or any thing that strikes your fancy. Sachets are sort of an old fashioned item and they were used extensively in the 50s and 60s to freshen closets, clothing drawers, etc. Our mothers and grandmothers made them out of bits of leftover fabric. Sometimes, they were filled with soap powder for a clean fragance! Use your creative imagination. Make a bunch of these for gifts or to keep. You don't have to use our exact pattern or methods; these are just a guide. It's up to you to take it from here! Enjoy!

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