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Projects, "how-to", and reference information, including the basic elements of sewing as well as both beginner and more advanced projects.

USING A PATTERN - Sewing Lesson - Using a printed pattern does not have to be scary. Learn how with this sewing kit project. It's divided into 2 pages: one for the preparation, and one for the actual sewing. (08/13/05)

LEARNING TO SEW - Reference - Sewing is such a broad field. Where do you start when you want to learn? Here are some ideas to get you going! (06/19/04)

COVERING A LAMPSHADE - Fabric Craft - Let's cover a lampshade with fabric. Match your room fabrics with a small accent lamp. Rated Simple (07/06/03)

HOW TO USE A ROTARY CUTTER - Sewing Lesson - Using your rotary cutter to make 4" denim squares. All concepts can be translated into use for strips or other rotary cutter use. Rated Simple (04/20/03)

HEART SHAPED SACHETS - A little something special for a friend or loved on on Valentine's Day! You can make these sachets using scraps of red and pink fabrics, lace, ribbons, ruffles, and some potpourri or scented powder and polyfil. Have fun with it. An old fashioned gift for just the right person. Rated Simple to Medium (02/08/03)

MUG MATS - Lois/SewMagical brings us this project. This is a wonderful little gift idea - a two-pocketed mug mat, suitable for coffee, cocoa, tea and the like. Make this quick mug mat for giving or keeping, and use up some of those scraps you have laying around the sewing room! Mug Mats. Rated Simple to Medium (12/16/02)

CHRISTMAS CARDS - This project involves making cards using fabric, Wonder Under, card stock, and endless possibilities for design. Also included are photos of other cards made using the same basic techniques. Greeting cards. Rated Simple (11/30/02)

CHRISTMAS STOCKING - This project involves making a Christmas stocking using holiday fabrics and a strip piecing technique. The concept can be used for many items, including placemats, but in this case, we've used Christmas fabrics, silver rick rack, ribbon, and other trims to create a colorful and one of a kind stocking. Also included are photos of other stockings made using the same basic techniques. Let's make a Christmas stocking! Rated Simple to Moderate (11/29/02)

CREATING A VEST FROM A READY-MADE VEST - DOLL CLOTHING - This project involves making a doll vest using a ready-made vest as a pattern. The concepts can be used to make a garment for a child or adult, but the scale would be larger. This item makes a great gift idea for a special child or doll collector in your life. So grab your scrap bag and let's do a little strip quilting! Rated Simple to Moderate (09/05/02)

DECORATING DISH TOWELS/HAND TOWELS WITH MACHINE APPLIQUE - This month we're bringing you a way to beautify dish towels and turn them into lovely hand towels, or to decorate them and let them remain dish towels! Use some small bits of fabric, Wonder Under, and a couple plain dish towels, add a dash of imagination and sewing know-how, and you can create a beautiful and practical item for your home or for gift giving. Use these concepts to decorate clothing, pillows, or any fabric item! Think about using holiday fabrics and changing themes in your bathroom or kitchen on a regular basis for little to no money. Regardles of the materials you choose, join us in this fun and simple project that you can do at home. Rated Simple (06/30/02)

GIFT TAGS AND CARDS - It's not even close to Christmas, and yet, we're presenting gift tags for presents and our examples use Christmas fabrics. This project will teach you a little something about fusing fabric to paper or card stock and making gift tags or greeting cards. Break out your stash and a little Wonder-Under and join us with your iron, scissors, and imagination. Rated Simple (05/27/02)

MENDING JEANS - Mending. Who doesn't love that? My son's favorite pants were falling apart and it was my mission to rescue them. Come with me on a mending adventure using a patch, some thread, some ingenuity, and my mother-in-law's method for jean knees that I've adapted for other areas of pants. Rated Moderately Simple (04/24/02)

BIBS, LOG CABIN, AND BIAS BINDING - Want to learn how to apply single fold bias tape? That is part of this baby bib project and how-to. Using strip quilting and a log cabin design, we make a bib with bias binding using scraps of fabrics and bias tape. It's easier than you think :) Rated Moderately Simple (04/24/02)

SIMPLE CURTAINS - The brother-in-law needed curtains for his camper, and so, we obliged. Take a look and see what you think! Rated Moderately Simple

SAVING THE PROM DRESS - Problem solving. Let's start with how the prom was saved with a little fabric and creative know-how. Use this type of rescue as a jumping off point for your own tight spots! Rated Moderate Experience

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